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I'm Adam.
Pretty much everything on this will be music related.
I like music, films, gigs, collecting vinyl, t shirts, tattoos and not a lot else.
Tomorrow: Yeovil.

Tomorrow: Yeovil.

Back home from our final four shows. The UK was a phenomenal experience for us. We had not been over there in years and you made us feel at home while being across the globe.

Thank you all.

YOU guys made this band. What we did was easy for us, we wrote some songs that we enjoyed playing. YOU guys gave us the stage, the gas money to get there, you believed in us when we were down, you supported us when we tried to put it back together for another record and a few more tours. You told your friends about us, you let us crash on your parents bedroom floors. It’s YOU who made us the band that we were. We are eternally grateful for the opportunities you afforded 5 dudes from the desert to literally live out our dreams of traveling and playing music.

Thank you.

The Bled ( past and present )


—Sad to see The Bled break up, but they put on an incredible show in Bristol the other night. Great, hard working band who were so underrated in my opinion. R.I.P.